House System

Our Lady of Lourdes House System

Seventh and eighth graders at OLL School are divided into houses to promote friendships and encourage excellence. Because the Franciscan Sisters have played an important role in the history of our school, the figurative cornerstone of each house is a Franciscan virtue. Listed below are the house names, the significance of each namesake as he or she relates to a Franciscan virtue, and each house motto, color, and mascot. Note that each mascot is a close relative to the lion, our school mascot.

ST. THOMAS a BECKET HOUSE - Becket represents justice. He refused to support the unjust rule of King Henry II though Henry promised Becket great power.
Motto: Proclaim justice.
Color: orange
Mascot: tiger

ST. FRANCIS HOUSE - The Sisters of St. Francis helped establish our school and taught in it for many years. St. Francis is closely associated with peace and the love of peaceful, natural environments.

Motto: Make me an instrument of your peace.
Color: green
Mascot: panther

THERESA HOUSE - Sister Theresa Hackelmeier of Vienna, Austria was sent into the Indiana wilderness with another sister to establish the order near Oldenburg. Her partner backed out leaving Sister Theresa to undertake educating children, caring for orphans, and establishing the order there alone. This house represents courage.
Motto: Let your heart take courage.
Color: blue
Mascot: cheetah

Throughout the year, each house will be awarded points by faculty and staff for achievement in areas of academics, physical activities, discipline, Christian service, and strength of character. These points will accumulate throughout the year. A traveling trophy will be awarded to the house with the most points at the end of each grading quarter.


Each house will be led by an eighth-grade boy and an eighth-grade girl. The students will apply for the position and leaders will be chosen by the house mentors and the school administration. The captains of each house will appoint a house historian. This historian will compile the house history, a book that will permanently remain with the house at the school and hold a record of activities, roster, and other information as agreed upon by the historians, mentors, and captains.

It is our hope that this system will encourage new friendships and the positive behaviors and interactions that have always been expected at Our Lady of Lourdes School. Years from now, we expect this house system to be a favorite tradition in our school community.