At Our Lady of Lourdes, we emphasize values that lead to growth in character compassion, caring, respect, responsibility, patience and perseverance in a warm and caring environment. Because the safety and security of all our students is very important, we enforce a dress code and no-bullying policy.

In addition to our academic curriculum, we offer a religious education with a curriculum based on Archdiocesan guidelines, which includes liturgical participation, prayer, service and outreach. We want each and every student to have the opportunity to grow mentally, physically and spiritually within our school.

School Philosophy
We believe each person has a unique and dynamic relationship with God. The Catholic school stimulates within the child a growing awareness of this relationship, both as an individual and as a member of the Church community. This awareness encourages the child to become a creative and responsible member of society.

We believe each child has his own time and place of learning, his own method and motivation for the things he will learn. A sense of wonder and love of life is inherent in each child and must be nurtured. Our Community is to facilitate an on-going self-education within the child and is to provide a creative environment with opportunities for individual self-direction and decision-making.

Teacher Advancement Program (TAP)
The Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) is a nationally recognized model for improving schools. Trained by the national leaders, Our Lady of Lourdes teachers work collaboratively to implement the program, which successfully improves student achievement through improved teacher effectiveness. Teachers attend professional learning communities or clusters, in small groups during the school day, while other teachers in our school instruct their students. During these clusters, teachers identify student needs, learn research-based best practices and strategies of teaching, and make plans to implement them in their classrooms. Follow-up coaching and mentoring allow teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of those methods with specific students. TAP has allowed the faculty of Our Lady of Lourdes to fully focus on our school goals, concentrate on individual students, and achieve overall academic growth and success.

Outstanding Test Scores
ISTEP is administered yearly to students in grades 3 through 8 at OLL. Our students' achievement continues to soar, with scores in the 90th percentile. You can find OLL's current and past scores at the Department of Education website, where you can also compare our performance to that at other schools.  Our Lady of Lourdes has also been rated an "A" school for the past several years.

Enriched Instruction
OLL offers instruction in technology, band, music, art, Spanish and physical education, in addition to standard subjects. At OLL we believe in educating students in a multi-faceted way and we remain strongly committed to our enriched programs at a time when many schools are eliminating them.

Read our STEM (Science, Technolofy, Enginerring, and Math) plan here for Our Lady of Lourdes.

School Strategic Plan