The ministries and activities of Our Lady of Lourdes parish are organized under the structure of parish commissions. The pastor, appointed by the bishop, oversees all of the ministries and activities of the parish and is responsible to the Archbishop of Indianapolis. The pastor is aided in this oversight by the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). The PPC is an advisory body to the pastor and also a representative body for the parishioners of OLL. The ministries and activities of the parish are organized under the commissions which, ideally, will help these groups to coordinate their efforts and make the best use of the time, talent, and treasure given by the parishioners. The commissions also help implement the goals set out for the parish by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and/or pastor with the PPC.  The chairpersons of the commissions are also voting members of the PPC and, as such, bring the concerns of the ministries of their commissions to the attention of the pastor and PPC.

Our Lady of Lourdes currently has five commissions.

Evangelization & Faith Formation Commission is concerned with the Catholic education of the parish as a whole and provides opportunities for faith enrichment and sacramental preparation.

Parochial Education Commission is concerned with the Catholic education of the parish as it pertains to the parish school.

Stewardship Commission is responsible for ministries which deal with our financial, parish plant, and volunteer "assets". 

Community Life Commission includes those activities which enrich the community life for the parish and community.

Spirituality & Worship Commission includes those ministries which promote the prayer life of the parish and provide opportunities for spiritual growth.